Creating anticipatory intelligence is nothing else than deciphering the dynamics of the world…

What will happen to us in the future? How shall we fare, collectively and individually? How can we improve how we deal with the future? How shall we cope with various dangers, pressures but also opportunities? Which are those issues, how do they evolve and what to expect next? Welcome to the website of The Red (Team) Analysis Society.

Crucial issues on the watch

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How to foresee and warn?

Start with the basics, including understanding better the multiple names given to anticipation.

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Learn how to identify those issues, to foresee and warn, imagine how to improve anticipation, explore tools and methodologies, follow lab-type experiments, discuss challenges to anticipation with the sections, displayed as images below, that constitute an ideal strategic foresight and warning process: analyse, scan and monitor, evaluate, deliver (click on one photo to access the section).

Monitoring and Scanning

Every week, The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly scans the horizon for national and international security, using crowdsourcing. An editorial is published on Red (Team) Analysis with each edition of the Weekly.

The Sigils are a series of daily, raw (non edited) scan. Each focuses on a specific issue and can be read on Paper.Li (click on the corresponding image below to access it – full image credit in editorial on Paper.Li).

News & Events

Some news and (non confidential) events, workshops, training or interviews involving The Red (Team) Analysis Society.

Georges Mason University - Department of Public and International Affairs – Terrorism Analysis: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies and Tools - Fairfax, VA – 18 July 2014:
Module Strategic Foresight and Warning for Terrorism – Lecture (Dr Helene Lavoix)

League Of Arab States, European Commission - League Of Arab States Liaison Office Malta, EEAS, UNDP – 27 February to 1 March 2014, Malta –  Early Warning Systems and Scenarios training workshop: co-training and co-facilitation (Dr Helene Lavoix)

explaining graphsVesalius College – Brussels - Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course: Module 5 - Global Crisis Monitoring, Conflict Analysis & Early Warning – 31st January and 1st February 2014: Curriculum design and Training (Dr Helene Lavoix)

ERM BelgiumRoyal Military Academy (KMS-ERM) – Chair of World Politics, Conflict Studies Department - Brussels – 6 January 2014:
Ex-cathedralecture on Strategic Foresight and Warning and workshop on Time, Timeline and Strategic Warning (Dr Helene Lavoix)

JMV 2 2014Alliance Geostratégique (AGS) – Café Stratégique - Paris – 12 December 2013:
Conference on War and Environment (guerre et environnement) (Dr Jean-Michel Valentin)


EEASEvent EEAS (EU) – High Level Conference on Managing Complex International Crisis: “Towards a Global Network of crisis rooms”- Brussels – 3 – 4 December 2013: Organisation and Moderation of Round Table B2 “Information Sharing – Communication” (Dr Helene Lavoix)

Senior expert Panel, Vesalius CollegeVesalius College – Brussels - Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course – Module 2 - ‘Analysing Risk, Preparing for Uncertainty’ - 25 October 2013:
Senior expert round-table (Dr Helene Lavoix)

More news and events…

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