The Red (Team) Analysis SocietyThe Red (Team) Analysis Society is a think tank devoted to strategic foresight and warning (SF&W), anticipatory intelligence and risk management for national and international security issues. It aims to promote the use of SF&W and to develop best practice, notably grounded in science. It is a non-partisan, non-profit research organization. It benefits from the guidance of an Advisory Council.

Its website and publishing platform, can be used by all readers to develop a better understanding of the world around them and of the challenges ahead, while getting acquainted with anticipatory approaches. Citizens and practitioners can learn through practical cases how to identify critical issues for the future, and, more generally, how to foresee and warn. For advanced users, the real life cases presented also aim at improving anticipation through the exploration of tools and methodologies, the development of lab-type experiments, and the discussion of challenges to anticipation.

The name Red (Team) Analysis is inspired by Red Team activity or Red Teaming, used initially in the U.S. Army to simulate the activity of opponents in war-gaming or strategic simulations (for more on red team and red teaming activities in general see the excellent website the Red Team Journal). By extension, Red (Team) Analysis aims at promoting a strategic foresight analysis grounded in science that struggles against our many cognitive, normative and emotional biases through various tools and methodologies, including not being limited by “politically correct” approaches. Interestingly in the Soviet Union, similar activities were called Blue or Green Team activity (courtesy of Levon Sevunts @LevonSevunts).

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