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A Consultancy and Think Tank to Help You Embracing Political and Geopolitical Uncertainty with Strategic Foresight & Warning and Risk Management

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Scenarios and Indicators – Monitoring and Warning
Actors Mapping – Commissioned studies

We help you navigating political and geopolitical uncertainties. You can embrace opportunities and mitigate threats. Throughout the anticipation cycle and risk management/strategic foresight and warning process, we assist you, listening to your needs first.

We know political and geopolitical uncertainties and bring our knowledge and experience to the service of your activity.

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Tailor-designed training — Online Course
Executive training


Our tailor-designed training, executive programmes or online course provide analysts and decision-makers with practical and step by step analytical and methodological skills and knowledge to reduce and embrace uncertainty, avoid surprise, foresee, monitor and warn about political and geopolitical crises and threats. Risk management as a result is enhanced.

Our training courses are grounded in scientific knowledge and understanding as well as practical experience of international relations, political and geopolitical analysis and anticipation, risk management and strategic foresight and warning analysis and processes.

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From our Think-Tank
Horizon scanning board with signals and impact analysis – Research articles on global issues and methodology to foresee and warn – Scans


The Horizon Scanning Board

Our Horizon Scanning Board (open access) publishes a selection of the most important signals on global issues we identify daily, with a summary of impacts and brief analysis of the signal.

In-Depth Research Articles

Our research articles address two types of topics:

  • Thematic and geographical geopolitical and political risks and uncertainties.
  • Methodological aspects of anticipation, strategic foresight and warning and risk management, or early warning.

The largest part of our research articles are now premium content for members-only. Read more about becoming a member
We nonetheless strive to still provide some of our most fundamental articles and research as open access publications.*

Thematic and Geographical Issues

Our research articles focus on a large range of issues shaping our political and geopolitical future.

As times goes by and the unfolding future becomes the present then the past, our articles progressively build an analytical trove which helps understand the dynamics at work out of which the future emerges. They can be included in the first step of the anticipation analytical methodology we recommend, the literature review or state of the art, upon which the anticipation model is built.

Global Transversal Issues

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Our Foresights and Insights: Articles, Research and Reports

Tension and War

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Our Foresights and Insights: Articles, Research and Reports

Geographical Regions

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Our Foresights and Insights: Articles, Research and Reports

How to Foresee and Warn

Our methodological articles are aimed at practitioners, as well as students, who want to understand better how anticipation is done, from scenario building to indicators and delivery to decision-makers starting with the basics, including understanding better the multiple names given to anticipation.

A specific series is focused on an anticipation of political and geopolitical risks and uncertainties useful to the corporate sector.

All the articles in this section address the various challenges which can be found at each step of the strategic foresight and warning process for political and geopolitical risks and uncertainties: analyse, scan and monitor, evaluate, and deliver.

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Raw Monitoring and Scanning

Our raw Monitoring and Scanning (open access) presents regularly the weak and less weak signals we collect on various issues.

Scanning and monitoring: All Issues

Our scanning and monitoring is grounded in years of practice and in-depth knowledge and experience of research for political and geopolitical issues. The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly scans the horizon every week for weak – and less weak – signals regarding all political and geopolitical risks and uncertainties, as well as national and global changes and instability, using crowdsourcing. The Sigils are a series of daily, raw (non edited) scans. Each focuses on a specific issue and are provided through the platform Paper.Li.

Scanning and monitoring: Global Transversal Issues
Scanning and monitoring: Tensions and War
Scanning and monitoring: Geographical Regions
*however a few rules apply.
Credit Featured images (Consulting): ALMA antennas under the Milky Way, ESO/José Francisco Salgado (josefrancisco.org)
Credit featured image (Think Tank):TRAPPIST–South robotic telescope, ESO’s La Silla Observatory – ESO/E.Jehin.


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