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Geopolitical risk is on the rise. Do you consider the growing resulting uncertainty? What will happen to you and your activity in the future? Do you properly integrate in your strategy and decisions these increasing international and domestic risks of instability? How can you manage the expanding geopolitical risk, its complexity and uncertainty? How can you avoid costly and lethal surprise? How can you improve how you deal with the future? How can you cope with future dangers, pressures but also take advantage of opportunities? Which are those issues, how do they evolve and what to expect next? Welcome to The Red (Team) Analysis Society and its website, dedicated to the practice of strategic foresight and warning and risk management for geopolitical risk, as well as national and global changes and instability.

Crucial issues on the watch

Mouse over the images to see the name of the issues on our watch, and click on one of them to access the corresponding section: towards a new paradigm, and related ideological war between liberalism on the one hand, a post-globalism/”populism” emerging ideology on the other; the future of the modern nation-state; protest movements; water security; energy security; extreme environments (space, arctic, deep-sea) and related geopolitical risk; environment and security; East Asia security; war, the ultimate geopolitical risk; crisis and war in Ukraine; the war against the Islamic State, and related war in Syria (scenarios); as well as war in Libya (scenarios); Saudi Arabia and Iran.

How to foresee and warn?


Do you want to set up a unit in charge of strategic foresight and warning for geopolitical risk? Do you want to train to improve your capacity to tackle geopolitical uncertainty and to anticipate it? Do you want your staff to to produce better anticipatory analysis for this complex geopolitical world?

Practically develop and enhance, step by step, your anticipatory analytical skills to tackle complex geopolitical, national and global security and political issues...
Take our new Online Course – Geopolitical Risk and Crisis Anticipation: Analytical Model. Find out more about it here.

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Alternatively, contact us so that we can create a tailor-made training for your specific needs we shall deliver in our premises.

Resource center

Use the Red (Team) Analysis website as a resource center to better grasp the many challenges to face when anticipating geopolitical risk as well as national and global changes and instability.

Start with the basics, including understanding better the multiple names given to anticipation.

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Learn how to use strategic foresight and warning for geopolitical risk, how to identify those issues to which you must pay attention, how to create strategic foresight and warning mapping, how to elaborate scenarios, how to select indicators, how to monitor a situation or specific geopolitical risk with those indicators, and finally how to best deliver the result of your efforts to decision-makers. Imagine how to improve anticipation and explore tools and methodologies. To those ends, use the methodological sections displayed as images below, which constitute an ideal strategic foresight and warning process for geopolitical risk: analyse, scan and monitor, evaluate, deliver, and finally our latest temporal observatory project (click on a photo to access the corresponding section).

Monitoring and Scanning

Every week, The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly scans the horizon for weak – and less weak – signals regarding political and geopolitical risks and uncertainties, as well as national and global changes and instability, using crowdsourcing.

The Sigils are a series of daily, raw (non edited) scans. Each focuses on a specific issue and are provided through the platform Paper.Li (click on the corresponding image below to access it – full image credit in editorial on Paper.Li).


The Red (Team) Analysis Society’s work behind – and beyond – publishing articles, notably in “behind-the-scenes” fora, workshops, conferences and networks.


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