Horizon Scanning, Strategic Foresight and Warning, The Red (Team) Analysis Society, Scenario-building, Early Warning
Strategic Foresight and Warning (SF&W) is at once process and analysis. By SF&W analysis we mean all methodologies and related issues allowing for the development of an understanding grounded in reality that will generate best anticipatory products, useful to decision-makers and policy-makers for carrying out their mission (to find your way within the myriad of labels given to anticipatory activities, see Intelligence, strategic foresight and warning, risk management, forecasting or futurism? (Open Access/Free) and When risk management meets SF&W). The larger SF&W analytical method can be seen as following the following steps, with use of various methodologies and related challenges for each step: An example of what is involved in step 1 is given here with the bibliography and links or with the bibliography on … Continue reading Strategic Foresight & Warning Analysis

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