The featured image for this post is a snapshot of a map done with Pearltrees.

This page is about presenting ways to follow and access the series of posts constituting The Chronicles of Everstate, beyond the usual linear menus or the detailed outline in the website footer.

This idea, mapping the very posts of The Chronicles of Everstate, is a direct result of the interactive quality of this foresight experiment. One faithful reader, indeed, underlined that, as the number of posts increased, reading and understanding was becoming more complex, notably for newcomers. He suggested that a map would be very helpful to allow users and readers to navigate among posts. We then discussed various ways to implement this idea. Here are the results of this idea. From May onwards, only the navigating map using Pearltree will be updated, as it is the only one to allow doing so automatically. The previous maps are kept as example of what can be done.

The Chronicles of Everstate Mapped with Pearltrees

Click on the image to access the interactive map of the posts on Pearltrees, or below see the embedded Pearltree. There, the various links between posts are displayed, although it is impossible to have multiple parents for a same post, unfortunately. The trick, which can be used, is to duplicate children nodes. However, it seems to me that all the other advantages, as shall be explained in detail in a dedicated post, including the possibility to embed the tree in a blog post, far outweigh the inconvenient.

The Chronicles of Everstate Mapped with Personal Brain

Click on the image to access the interactive map of the posts on Webbrain. There, the various links between posts are displayed, and each post can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink displayed in the window at the bottom of the page. Hyperlink access in indicated by a favicon before the label of the idea, which is also the title of the post.

A (non-interactive) map using Gephi (up to 10 May 2012)

The violet nodes correspond to categories and menus (that may include other posts). The dark blue nodes correspond to posts of The Chronicles of Everstate and the grey nodes either to parts of posts or to a topic subdivided in two or more posts.

The red nodes indicate either the first scenario, Mamominarch that has been narrated already or the second one that shall be told starting May 13. The last scenario (in green) is forthcoming. Turquoise nodes are forthcoming posts.