An Experiment with Infomous Clouds

An Experiment with Infomous Clouds

In the framework of our experiments with new tools for both horizon scanning and delivery to clients, started with that led to the creation of the Weekly, here is a cool way to use clouds with Infomous (used, for example, by The Economist).

The Red (team) Analysis cloud:


Twitter (@HLavoix) cloud:

2 thoughts on “An Experiment with Infomous Clouds”

  1. Thanks for using Infomous! Please let us know if you need any help with it.

    Note that in your embed code you can change the width to match your text column (548 pixels) by changing the part of the embed that currently says “width=400” to “width=548”. Also I noticed that in copying the embed a spurious space was inserted in the embed code, right now it reads “cloud_widget/12514?widt h=400” etc., so the space between “widt” and “h” should be removed or the rest of the parameters will be ignored. This is an issue we have noticed before with the way some browsers do cut-and-pasting of the embed code.

    Thanks again!

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