Twylah: another tool to add to your scanning and monitoring arsenal

If you are using Twitter as one of your favourite social network for scanning and monitoring, then it is worth the while adding Twylah to the array of webtools you can use. On a beautifully designed webpage, it will display the trending keywords related to your tweets, automatically identified, as well as your tweets sorted according to those categories. You can also, of course, have a look at what your favourite political leaders, media and sources see as crucial by consulting their Twylah pages.

At a glance you can thus:

  • See which signals you are following most, those that constitute themes, issues and start becoming or continue being problems. You can even discover that you are monitoring issues you had not thought about.
  • For those issues and problems singled out, you can get a broad, “at a glance” estimate of their more recent potential escalation or stabilisation, as by clicking on a “trend” you see a historical list of your last twenty (or so) tweets. More tweets would be better, but twenty gives you already an idea.
  • Identify new related issues and potential spill-over by browsing through the historical content related to one category.
  • Last but not least, estimate what you are tweeting about, if you are forgetting issues or problems, reflect upon potential biases that are creeping up.

Finally, the impeccable design of Twylah makes it a beautiful product to deliver the result of this specific part of your scanning and monitoring.

The major flaw, compared with an ideal scanning and monitoring, as with Paper.Li and most similar curation platforms, is the impossibility to add your own short analysis for a category/trend – when seen as issue – or for a tweet – when seen as signal or indication. It is yet worth the while using it, would it be for yourself.

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