Flag_of_Syria_(2011_combined)Keeping in mind the complex and fluid character of the situation in Syria, we present below entry points to the state of play and the various categories of actors fighting in and over Syria.

Scenarios for the future built in 2013 are available. The scenarios evolve, notably in terms of likelihood, out of changes on the battleground and interactions between all actors. Notably, the evolution which is more specifically focused on the Islamic State is addressed in the corresponding page, as it is larger than the situation on the Syrian battlefield (see notably: At War against the Islamic State – From Syria to the Region by H Lavoix, 2 November 2015).

Sections relative to methodology and bibliography can be found at the bottom of the page.

Read first:  Potential Futures for Syria in the Fog of War presenting fundamentals to understand the war in Syria.


Scenarios (2013)

(A full report in pdf – Potential Futures for Syria in the Fog of War, published on 15 July 2013 is also available).

State of Play (up until 2014)