Update – Islamic State Psyops – Dar al-Islam 2 and Dabiq 7

(Update 3 Dec 2015: Since this post was published, other issues of Dar al Islam (1 to 7) and Dabiq (1 to 12) – as well as new Islamic States magazines aiming at other countries – were published by Al Hayat – See the Portal to the Islamic State War.

Update 16 Nov: The Islamic State claims regarding the attacks on Paris can be found on the – safe – website of Pietervanotsayen).

(This post is an update of “The Islamic Pysops – A Framework“, which sets the stage for our series on the Islamic State psyops, their targets, aims, as well as the mindset behind them.) 

The Al-Hayat Media Center started producing a new magazine with France as target audience, Dar al Islam, at the end of December 2014. The second issue has been released yesterday, most probably at the same time as Dabiq 7 (dates of release identified from Islamist fora and twitter threads).

dar al islam, ISIS, psyops, Islamic State, ISIL, DaeshDar al-Islam #2: Qu’Allah maudisse la France, 12 February 2015 (pdf from archive.org) – Issue focused on the January attacks in France.

Dar al-Islam #1: L’Etat Islamique étend son territoire, 22 December 2014 (pdf from archive.org).

Dabiq #7: From Hypocrisy to Apostasy: The Extinction of the Grey Zone (21 Feb 2015: Pdf availble now here – removed from archive.org for content related issues: pdf from archive.org – heavy file 89.4MB), 12 February 2015. – note that Dabiq is also available in epub and kindle format (!)

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