© Sputnik/ Anna Yudina from article "Finland Equips Arctic Rescue Teams Based on Russian Experience", Sputnik, 8 Nov 2016. Fair Use.
In this new article about the current development of the warming Russian Arctic, The Red (Team) Analysis Society studies how Russia is currently devising an industrial and business grand strategy. This strategy is created through new oil and gas exploitations and the constant opening of the Siberian Northern Sea Route. These new activities are made possible by the rapidly intensifying climate change, which is transforming the Arctic into a continental attractor for energy, business, shipping, land transport, from everywhere in Asia (Jean-Michel Valantin, “The Russian Arctic meets the Chinese New Silk Road”, The Red (Team) Analysis Society, 31 October, 2016). The Russian Arctic power of attraction can be identified from the fact that numerous Asian countries are attracted by the … Continue reading The Warming Russian Arctic: Where Russian and Asian Business and Strategies Converge?

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