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Some news and (non confidential) events, workshops, training or interviews involving The Red (Team) Analysis Society or members of its team.

biodiv defReconcile operational training with biodiversity preservation on military camps – “Biodiversity and Army at international level” by Dr Jean Michel Valantin – International conference « Life Défense Nature 2mil » held from 28 to 30 June 2016, in Nimes, France.


SciencesPo – Paris School of International Affairs – Semester Autumn Academic Year 2016/2017 – Dr Helene Lavoix teaches the “Risk Analysis & Crisis Management” Course (part of Masters in International Security, International Development, Human Rights and Humanitarian affairs, International Public Management, Advanced Global Studies).

PPREVSenior consultant for early warning – Countering Radicalisation & Violent Extremism in the Sahel-Maghreb Region / Programme de Prévention Régionale contre l’Extrémisme Violent dans le Maghreb et le Sahel, P-PREV (A European Union – UN Pilot Project – Fr via CiviPol Conseil) – Nov 2015 onward

logo sqGeneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) – Foresight and Strategic Planning Course: Shaping the Present, Planning the Future – 21-24 September 2015, Geneva  – Dr Helene Lavoix teaches “Introduction to Foresight and Early Warning ” on 21 Sept.


SciencesPo – Paris School of International Affairs – Semester Autumn 2015 – Dr Helene Lavoix teaches the “Risk Analysis & Crisis Management” Course (Master).

JMV 2 2014Atlantico – 24 August 2015 – Special interview of Dr Jean-Michel Valantin – “Environnement, géopolitique, migration : pourquoi le réchauffement climatique est déjà là et ce que cela change pour la planète” (Environment, geopolitics, migration: why is global warming already here and what does that change for the planet)

Confederation Helvetique et OECDSwiss Confederation/OECD – Fourth Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management “Anticipating crises and their potential pathways”, Geneva, Switzerland – 28-29 May, 2015 – Keynote speaker “From weak signals to crisis scenarios” (Dr Helene Lavoix)

conf sqInternational Relations Studies Association – TUICTurkey-Balkan Economy Summit, Istanbul, Turkey, 11 – 12 April 2015 – Speaker: “Enlarging the Shadow of the Future” – Improving Cooperation between Turkey and The Balkans and Sustainable Development (Dr Helene Lavoix)

BrusselsVesalius College – Brussels – Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course: Module 2 – Analysing Risks, Preparing for Uncertainty: 24 – 25 October 2014: Curriculum design and Training (Dr Helene Lavoix)

BrusselsVesalius College – Brussels – Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course: Module 1 – Understanding Risks, Grasping Uncertainty: 26 – 27 September 2014: Curriculum design and Training (Dr Helene Lavoix)

European flag outside the Commission by By Xavier Häpe ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) and EEAS – Crisis management 2014: the EU record, 23 May 2014,  Brussels (see Programme EUISS EEAS 23 May). Introduction and chair “Crisis rooms: towards a global network?’ (Dr Helene Lavoix)

MaltaLeague Of Arab States, European Commission – League Of Arab States Liaison Office Malta,  EEAS, UNDP – 27 February to 1 March 2014, Malta –  Early Warning Systems and Scenarios training workshop: co-training and co-facilitation (Dr Helene Lavoix)

explaining graphsVesalius College – Brussels – Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course: Module 5 – Global Crisis Monitoring, Conflict Analysis & Early Warning – 31st January and 1st February 2014: Curriculum design and Training (Dr Helene Lavoix)

ERM BelgiumRoyal Military Academy (KMS-ERM) – Chair of World Politics, Conflict Studies Department – Brussels – 6 January 2014:
Ex-cathedra lecture on Strategic Foresight and Warning and workshop on Time, Timeline and Strategic Warning (Dr Helene Lavoix)

JMV 2 2014Alliance Geostratégique (AGS) – Café Stratégique – Paris – 12 December 2013:
Conference on War and Environment (guerre et environnement) (Dr Jean-Michel Valentin)


EEASEvent EEAS (EU) – High Level Conference on Managing Complex International Crisis: “Towards a Global Network of crisis rooms”- Brussels – 3 – 4 December 2013: Organisation and Moderation of Round Table B2 “Information Sharing – Communication” (Dr Helene Lavoix)

Senior expert Panel, Vesalius CollegeVesalius College – Brussels – Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course – Module 2 – ‘Analysing Risk, Preparing for Uncertainty’ – 25 October 2013:
Senior expert round-table (Dr Helene Lavoix)

JMV FIACFIAC – Conference – Towards a planetary consciousness? (Vers la conscience planétaire?) – Paris – 24 October 2013: Senior expert round-table, watch video (in Fr) (Dr Jean-Michel Valentin)


BBC World Service – Dakar – October 2013: Interview on Syrian actors (Dr Helene Lavoix)

ParisInstitut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI) and AXA Research Fund – Paris – Workshop Country Risk – 14 October 2013:
Expert Panel and background paper “Recent Innovations for Early Warning Systems” (Dr Helene Lavoix).

BBC World Service – London – 5 July 2013: expert discussion on Big Brother in France (Dr Helene Lavoix)

RFI – Paris – 7 June 2013:  Interview on What if America was getting ready for climate wars? (Et si l’Amérique se préparait à la guerre du climat?) Listen to podcast 1 & 2 (in Fr)  (Dr Jean-Michel Valentin)

MaltaEuropean Commission – League Of Arab States Liaison office Malta – UNDP – June 2013 – workshop:
Scenario-building training; working group session design and facilitation (Dr Helene Lavoix)