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We are in the process of migrating the Red (Team) Analysis Society website to a brand new more powerful machine and to a new host FastComet. … Continue reading Migrating RTAS Website to New Host

Bilingual text EN-FR – Invitation to book launch, then presentation of Dr Jean-Michel Valantin, Géopolitique d’une Planète Déréglée.

English invitation: Join us on 7 Novembre, 19h15 for Dr Jean-Michel Valantin Géopolitique d’une Planète Déréglée book launch, at Sciences Po, 13 rue de l’Université, Amphi Erignac, with a debate on “current geopolitics and the Anthropocene”Continue reading Event – Book Launch / Lancement “Géopolitique d’une Planète Déréglée”

The summer and early autumn have been particularly interesting times for the Red (Team) Analysis Society. We notably participated in crucial “behind-the-scenes” meetings and activities, which shape how the field of risk management, strategic foresight and warning, crisis prevention or more broadly strategic anticipation evolves, from practice, processes, and methodologies, to major issues, specific risks and uncertainties. … Continue reading Behind-the-Scenes
Summer-Autumn 2016

Big Brother in France? Discussion on BBC World Service

The BBC World Service – World Have Your Say invites three experts, including from Red (team) Analysis, to discuss the alleged interception of phone and data by France’s foreign intelligence service, in a way similar to the US Prism programme.