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Massive geopolitical changes are occurring in the Arctic, because of the rapid warming of this region due to climate change. These geopolitical shifts are particularly important in the Russian Arctic Exclusive Economic Zone, which spans from the Bering Strait to Norway, along the Siberian coast. This is where Russia develops the North East passage known … Continue reading The Russian Arctic, China’s (Digital) Development and Northern Europe

Impacts and Consequences Increased likelihood to see a return to a more influential and independent foreign policy of the European states holders of veto power at UN Security Council (France and UK); Increased likelihood to see a multipolar world settling in, however with also an Increased likelihood to see a global perception of a rising … Continue reading Signal: China – France Strengthening Relations

Impacts and Consequences If the planned center truly becomes operational and efficient, which cannot be estimated with confidence currently considering unknowns, Increased likelihood to mitigate spillover from the Libyan conflict Facts and analysis Related Final Scenario for the Future of Libya and their Likelihoods; Estimating Likelihoods (detailed): Scenario 2 Increased Spillover and Partition; Narratives Sc 2.2 (2), … Continue reading Signal: Libya and Italy Increase Efforts to Combat Migrant Smuggling

Nato has released its latest 2017 Strategic Foresight Analysis Report. According to General Denis Mercier, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) interviewed by Reuters, the report will be used with a SACT “companion report that maps out what NATO should do to respond to these trends in the spring” … “to inform the 2019 NATO political guidance”. … Continue reading Signal: Latest NATO 2017 Strategic Foresight Analysis Report

Impact on Issues and Uncertainties ? ➂ Perceptions, reactions and interactions outside Barcelona, notably in independence towns and areas, as well as outside major “central regional” political and civil servant circles (critical uncertainty). ➘➘➘ ➁ Large peaceful civil resistance and disobedience across Catalonia for Independence ➘➘➘ ➁  Civil Unrest in Catalonia against Spain ➘➙ ➁ Secessions and deep changes of nations … Continue reading Signal: Spanish Stabilising Reassertion of Rule over Catalonia

Impact on Issues ? ➂  towards ➃  The way Spain will practically implement the take over of Catalan administrations and institutions is critical (critical uncertainty) ➚➚➚ ➂ Large peaceful civil resistance and disobedience across Catalonia for Independence ➚➚➚ ➂  Civil Unrest in Catalonia against Spain ➚ ➁ Secessions and deep changes of nations within the EU… and globally Update 15:45 – … Continue reading Signals: Catalonia Prepares for Spain Take Over

Impact on Issues ?  Italy, Lombardy and Veneto: towards autonomy? ? The end of an Italian nation? ? The future of the Italian State? ? The Italian South reaction ? ➚➚ ➁ Deep changes for the nations and their modern-state, and “liberal democracies”, within the EU… and globally (high uncertainty) ? The EU structure (including staff) and governance must … Continue reading Signal: Two Regions in Italy Vote Heavily for Autonomy

Impact on Issues ➚➚ ➂  Civil Unrest in Catalonia against Spain ➚ ➁ Secessions and deep changes of nations within the EU… and globally On 16 October 2017 morning, Carlos Puigdemont answered Madrid’s ultimatum (see previous signal) through a letter (as displayed below). The letter shows a resolve to remain on the positions expressed on 10 October, while trying … Continue reading Signals: Catalonia Answers Spain, Spain Jails two Catalan Leaders…

Impact on Issues ➚ Activation of NATO Art. 5 by the U.S. (Still not started, seen as far away, yet issue on the agenda)  ➚ ➁ NATO military involvement in North Korea, thus EU and European states’ military entanglement in North Korea ➚  ➁  World War ➘ Independent European Common Foreign and Security Policy – ➘ Independent European Member … Continue reading Signal: North Korea Discussed as an Issue among NATO Ambassadors…

Impact on Issues ➚ ➀ ➁ China-U.S. Tension – ➚ Chinese influence (including OBOR/New Silk Road) – ➘ U.S. influence – ➘ USD supremacy – Uncertainty: American East Asian strategic presence and East Asian stability China has become the third larger exporter of arms in the world, even though it is still far behind the U.S. and Russia. It … Continue reading Signal: A View from China – its Rising Arms Exports