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As described previously, Anonymous undertook a political mobilization to protest on 5th November 2012, notably against current austerity policies and destruction of public service. Here is what happened yesterday evening, as a result, in a few pictures, tweets and charts.
Re-enacting V for Vendetta final scene in London
In London, … Continue reading #Anonymous and #OpVendetta on #5Nov 2012

On 5th November 2012, Anonymous plans to re-enact the final scene of the film V for Vendetta in London. The protest could also spread to other European capitals and to North America (Steve Huff on Betabeat, 02/10/2012). Two operations, the action mode of Anonymous, #OpVendetta and #OpJubilee, … Continue reading ‘We will NOT blow up Parliament’: Anonymous mobilizes for Bonfire Day

Anonymous: a new political force?

Anonymous: a new political force?
Anonymous, the Anonymous movement, idea or “Internet meme,” to use Wikipedia characterisation, has become an increasingly important actor on the global political scene, which cannot be ignored anymore.
It is, however, rarely seen as a political actor, despite Anonymous’ evolution, as Al Jazeera’s excellent timeline makes quite clear, … Continue reading Anonymous: a new political force?