The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly – 9 May 2019

Credit Image: ESO/José Francisco Salgado ( Using horizon scanning, each week, we collect weak – and less weak – signals. These point to new, emerging, escalating or stabilising problems. As a result, they indicate how trends or dynamics evolve. This week’s scan is ready, check it out below …

Tech news: subscriptions’ problems now solved

This short status post to signal the end of our problems with the function sending emails to subscribers. Dreamhost has been incredibly helpful and thanks to the efforts of their support team, the last week has shown that everything is now back to normal. However, if ever you were still having problems, please do not […]

A Beautiful Timeline Visualisation: TimelineJS by VéritéCo

Last week, as I was looking for good websites and twitter users to follow the students’ movement in Quebec, its support by and links to the other worldwide opposition movements, and to try to assess how it could evolve, I found this really useful, informative and beautiful website displaying a timeline of the events done […]

Various updates on posts

The following posts have been updated: Navigating the Chronicles of Everstate – to include a navigating map made with pearltree. Featured Images, Symbols & Foresight Product: the Example of The Chronicles of Everstate – to include the featured image for Tragic Events and Complex Catastrophes. The Chronicles of Everstate: the actors – to include new […]

The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly No30, 12th January 2012

No30, 12th January 2012 Sitting on a powder keg: The signals of the last weeks are growing stronger. Tension with Iran continues to increase, and impact on oil prices could starkly affect the economy – and financial markets and trade and supply – while uncertainty regarding the economic situation in China and India rises. Meanwhile, […]