Consulting – Entrust Us with Your Geopolitical Uncertainty

How can you not only mitigate potential geopolitical crises and uncertainty, but also turn them into opportunities? How can you prevent strategic surprises and use your understanding of them to your advantage?

The Red (Team) Analysis Society is here to help you embracing uncertainty.

Our consulting builds upon the research, analysis and expertise of The Red (Team) Analysis Society and of its team. It brings you the best expertise in this very specific field.

It makes sure that strategic foresight and warning is used most efficiently, while developing best practice.

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Scenarios on specific risks, Future threats assessment, Early Warning

Commissioned in-depth scenarios with identification of indicators and related policy and response alternatives on strategic crises, geopolitical risks and various issues of concern to you, studies and reports on methodologies, tools, systems and processes, contribute to help you anticipating and thus answering better complex and challenging situations.

Workshops and Conferences

  • Keynote Speakers, Speakers and Moderators for public and “on invitation only” conferences and workshops
  • Design and facilitation of workshops

The design and facilitation of workshops contribute to the elaboration of state of the art SF&W products, while ensuring participatory processes, sometimes crucial to see some actions undertaken.

Some references…

  • OECD/Swiss Chancellery;
  • NATO Innovation Center;
  • Linkfx;
  • TUIC (Istanbul – Turkey);
  • European Commission – League of Arab states Liaison Office (EC-LASLO);
  • European External Action Service;
  • European Commission;
  • Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique;
  • Axa fund for research and IFRI;  
  • Luther College (U.S.);
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France – Dr H Lavoix);
  • Global Futures Forum (Dr H Lavoix);
  • U.S. Department of State  (Dr H Lavoix);
  • Agence Française de Development (Dr H Lavoix);
  • U.S. Department of Energy  (Dr H Lavoix);

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Consultancy and Think Tank: Embrace Political and Geopolitical Uncertainty with Strategic Foresight & Warning and Risk Management