The Red (team) Analysis Weekly No104, 13 juin 2013

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In the midst of turmoil – Once you get beyond the tsunami of articles regarding the NSA, we continue seeing the same pattern of deep and painful changes emerging as observed over the last months. Eurozone countries are not only in crisis, but, most probably, living through a deep shift. For now, Greece leads the way in bearing the brunt of changes, but the UK, Italy, Ireland, or France, this week, are not being spared. We may also wonder if the events in Turkey, after the Arab Spring, the Real Democracy Now movement in Europe, notably Spain, and the Occupy movement are not one supplementary symptom of the increasingly numerous and widespread efforts of societies to find their way in a world that has changed, is changing and has not stabilized yet.
Meanwhile, geo-strategically, the Middle East is definitely in the midst of turmoil, while Asia faces its own changes and challenges, India being again under the spot light this week.

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national security, anticipatory intelligence, political risk

A propos de l'auteur: Dr Helene Lavoix (MSc PhD Lond)

Dr Hélène Lavoix, PhD Lond (Relations internationales), est le directeur de The Red (Team) Analysis Society. Elle est spécialisée dans la prospective stratégique et l'alerte en matière de sécurité nationale et internationale. Elle se concentre actuellement sur l'intelligence artificielle, la science quantique et la sécurité. Elle enseigne au niveau Master à SciencesPo-PSIA.

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