Anonymous: une nouvelle force politique?

Anonymous: une nouvelle force politique? Anonymous, le mouvement anonyme, idée ou «mème Internet», pour utiliser la caractérisation de Wikipédia, est devenu un acteur de plus en plus important sur la scène politique mondiale, qui ne peut plus être ignoré. Il est cependant rarement perçu comme un acteur politique, malgré l'évolution d'Anonymous, comme le montre l'excellent calendrier d'Al Jazeera, comme Quinn Norton pour les détails de Wired […]

The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly: une expérience de crowd-sourcing pour l'analyse prospective

This is an experiment with as a way to collect ideas, notably through Twitter but also Facebook mainly for horizon scanning. The resulting weekly can be accessed here. As I am only too aware of information overload, the choice of  a weekly rather than daily paper made sense. With time, I’ll try to see if it is possible to improve results by changing various settings. Right now, the content is heavily biased towards technology, although none of my criteria included them. One of the hypotheses that would allow explaining this phenomenon might be that one of my keyword was #future, and that future orientated tweets might tend to be dominated by technological innovations. Furthermore people using Twitter are most […]

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