The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly - 13 février 2014 - Tempêtes et inondations, annonciateurs de changements multiformes

Editorial – Storms and floods, harbinger of multifaceted changes: While the US knows a very cold winter, Western Europe is hit by the ninth storm since 17 December 2013, each bringing destruction and floods in its wake. This shows first, in a somehow novel way, that so-called “rich and developed”countries can be relentlessly hit by what is most probably a consequence of climate change. Here we are faced with storms and related floods, but other types of extreme weather events could also occur. Second, these storms start giving us an idea of how this vulnerability will most probably have multifaceted and mammoth impacts. Actually, this issue is far from being completely new. We have already underlined the high likelihood to see […]

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The Red (team) Analysis Weekly No104, 13 juin 2013

Au milieu de la tourmente - une fois que vous avez surmonté le tsunami d'articles sur la NSA, nous continuons à observer les mêmes changements profonds et douloureux que ceux observés au cours des derniers mois. Les pays de la zone euro ne sont pas seulement en crise, mais vivent probablement un profond bouleversement. Pour l'instant, la Grèce mène la […]