The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly - 13 février 2014 - Tempêtes et inondations, annonciateurs de changements multiformes

Editorial – Storms and floods, harbinger of multifaceted changes: While the US knows a very cold winter, Western Europe is hit by the ninth storm since 17 December 2013, each bringing destruction and floods in its wake. This shows first, in a somehow novel way, that so-called “rich and developed”countries can be relentlessly hit by what is most probably a consequence of climate change. Here we are faced with storms and related floods, but other types of extreme weather events could also occur. Second, these storms start giving us an idea of how this vulnerability will most probably have multifaceted and mammoth impacts. Actually, this issue is far from being completely new. We have already underlined the high likelihood to see […]

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The Red (Team) Analysis Weekly - 9 janvier 2014 - Contrastes

Éditorial - Contrastes - L’année commence avec des contrastes intéressants. D'une part, nous avons plus que des tendances inquiétantes. Le conflit syrien continue de s'étendre, notamment en Irak, qui semble retomber dans la guerre, comme on pouvait s'y attendre du nombre toujours croissant d'attaques et de morts en 2013 (si vous n'avez pas vu […]

Un chemin vers l'enfer? Changement climatique et déficit public

Le changement climatique n'est pas seulement un danger lointain. Ses effets ont aussi probablement déjà commencé à nous toucher, comme le montre le nombre croissant de catastrophes naturelles et les pertes globales associées dans le monde. Quelles sont les conséquences pour les États et les gouvernements? Devrions-nous continuer à réduire les dépenses publiques dans ces conditions?

2018 - 2023 EVT - Des griefs à la mobilisation politique (Mamominarch)

Last weeks’ summary: In 2012 EVT, Everstate (the ideal-type corresponding to our very real countries created to foresee the future of governance and of the modern nation-state) knows a rising dissatisfaction of its population. To face the various difficulties and widespread discontent, in a first scenario, Everstate’s governing bodies implement the Mamominarch programme of drastic reduction of state spending over five years through devolution, privatisation and outsourcing. By 2018 EVT, the result is involution, with a fragilised governance including and implying the rise of lawlessness domestically, an abandoned mastery over international security, an inefficient economy and, as consequence, a rising insecurity for most Everstatans. The first set of tragic events – a tornadoes outbreak followed by a heat wave – that hits the West of Everstate soon becomes a complex catastrophe with dramatic […]

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