Mise à jour - Psyops de l'État islamique - Dar al-Islam 2 et Dabiq 7

(Update 3 Dec 2015: Since this post was published, other issues of Dar al Islam (1 to 7) and Dabiq (1 to 12) – as well as new Islamic States magazines aiming at other countries – were published by Al Hayat – See the Portal to the Islamic State War. Update 16 Nov: The Islamic State claims regarding the attacks on Paris can be found on the – safe – website of Pietervanotsayen). (This post is an update of “The Islamic Pysops – A Framework“, which sets the stage for our series on the Islamic State psyops, their targets, aims, as well as the mindset behind them.)  The Al-Hayat Media Center started producing a new magazine with France as target audience, Dar […]

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