Chine arctique (2) - La formation chinoise du nord

Over the last few years China has been multiplying commercial and political relationships with Arctic countries. Reciprocally, these countries have been deepening their Chinese bonds. For example, on 24 April 2014, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark paid a state visit to China, and was received by President Xi Jinping (Global Times, “China, Denmark eye closer relationship“, 2014-4-25). During this visit, a ceremony was held over the signature of several agreements, “involving maritime technology, energy conservation, and poverty elimination among other fields.” (Global Times, ibid). These new political and economic ties between Beijing and Copenhagen are being developed alongside new relations between China and Greenland (Viviane du Castel et Paulo Brito, Groenland, entre independence et recuperation géostratégique?, 2014), which, today, is partly autonomous […]

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Le dossier des ressources en eaux profondes

Les sociétés humaines sont actuellement confrontées à la raréfaction des ressources et à leur concurrence croissante dans «l'ordre des ressources» contemporain. Ainsi, outre et conformément à d'autres moyens de relever ce défi, de nouveaux types et sources de ressources sont de plus en plus précieux et peuvent faire une différence stratégique pour les politiques , ainsi que pour l'humanité dans son ensemble. En attendant, si nous voulons apprendre de notre présent inquiétant, nous devons également veiller continuellement à ce que l’extraction et l’utilisation de ces nouvelles ressources potentielles n’ont pas d’impact défavorable sur la planète et son écosystème, y compris la biodiversité à laquelle nous appartenons. appartiennent. * Comme on le sait depuis la fin du XIXe siècle (Ifremer, les Nodules, 2012), les ressources minérales […]

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2013 - 2018 EVT - Un excédent de compte courant? Repensez-vous! (Mamominarch)

Last weeks’ summary: In 2012 EVT, Everstate (the ideal-type corresponding to our very real countries created to foresee the future of governance and of the modern nation-state) knows a rising dissatisfaction of its population. To face the various difficulties and widespread discontent, in a first scenario, Everstate’s governing bodies have transformed the conclusions of the Mamominarch Commission into policies. They have thus started implementing the programme of drastic reduction of public expenses through privatization and outsourcing, transfer of responsibilities to local administrations and increased reliance on The Regional Union, accompanied by a temporary increase in income and consumption taxes. The first months of reforms have been successful and the situation appears to improve. (The reader can click on each picture to see a larger version in a new tab – a navigating map of posts is available […]

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