Stabiliser ou intensifier le mouvement du gilet jaune français?

Cet article cherche à évaluer l'avenir du mouvement de protestation Yellow Vest et de la situation en France. Il examine la manière dont les actions des autorités politiques peuvent stabiliser un mouvement de protestation. Ensuite, il applique cette compréhension au mouvement français. En effet, si les manifestations en France se poursuivent, samedi 26 janvier 2019 aura […]

Comprendre le système de l'État islamique - moyens de violence

As we seek to assess the Islamic State’s ability to create a real and sustainable polity, meanwhile understanding it better, we first focused on the overall structure of the Islamic State and its Khilafah, which can usefully be seen as a wilayat system. Then, we started analysing the top leadership constituted by the Calif (Khalif, Khalifa), the Shura Council and the Sharia Council, what these institutions mean and entail in terms of legitimacy. Here, after having rapidly explained our methodology, using Max Weber’s (1919) classical distinction, we shall focus on the monopoly of the legitimate means of violence, i.e. military, security and police. With the next post, we shall deal with the extraction of resources as well as with all the other administrative agencies. Of course, legitimacy […]

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