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In a nutshell, the Chronicles of Everstate, are scenarios for a fictional state created to imagine and tell the story of potential futures for the governance of our – very real – states or countries.

The Chronicles of Everstate (see below for the table of content) serve a quadruple purpose.

  • First they explore the futures of the modern nation-state over the next twenty years as presented in the Chronicles of Everstate: foreseeing the future of the modern nation-state, where the importance of the issue is also explained.
  • Second, and in a related way, they help illustrate the various political dynamics that are at work in the world and how they could evolve or not in the future. Further analysis regarding the potential evolution of the nation-state can be accessed here.
  • Third, they are an experiment in an extremely detailed scenario analysis and narrative. The experiment has been used to improve the overall methodology used by the Red (Team) Analysis Society, notably testing the use of ego networks to develop a narrative. The foresight methodology applied then is explained in the section “Analyse.” The software Gephi was used to create the dynamic graph and then throughout the whole foresight analysis. In the meantime various visual tools and designs were tested to enhance the delivery.
  • Finally, by adopting an imaginary time, Evertime, yet using time lapses or durations that should be similar to what we experiment in real life, as real events unfold, the Chronicles should give us first elements to start testing and improving our understanding of time. It should help documenting if we were too short or too long in our estimations, if this or that dynamics are longer term than expected, etc.


Table of Content

Section I: Creating and Navigating the Chronicles of Everstate

Garden creation

Section II: The Futures of Everstate

How it all started: Everstate in 2012 EVT 

Garden 2

During the year, we are faced with a critical juncture point and three possible scenarios evolve from there.

Scenario 1: Mamominarch – Off with the State


mamominarch hell

Scenario 2: Panglossy – Same Old, Same Old


 Bibliography on nations, governance and the modern state

Featured image: Detail of the frontispiece of the book Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes via Wikimedia Commons.

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