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Platinum Membership (yearly payment) – 3,66£ per week (pay one year 190£ and save 20%)

This membership gives you access to all our articles and documents available only to Platinum members for one year. It means all articles available to other memberships plus special complex products such as detailed actors mappings or scenarios set. You may use this material for your private use, however still complying with our copyright policy.

You also benefit from a 10% discount on consulting services and products as well as on online training courses.

Membership (biannually / six-monthly payment) – 4,75£ per week  (pay six months 118,75£)

This membership gives you access to all our articles and documents  available only to members for six month (with the exception of special complex products such as detailed actors mappings, scenarios set or long reports). You may use this material for your private use, however still complying with our copyright policy.


Your membership

Thinking ahead, thinking out of the box may not only save you millions but also make you identify new opportunities.

Get high quality analysis by specialists and experienced thinkers and practitioners for all issues related to political and geopolitical risks. Inform the design of your policies, strategies and operations with these analyses. Even if crisis is already here, it is not too late to benefit from strategic foresight and warning and risk management.

Learn how to best foresee and warn about uncertainties and how to manage risks. Appraise how others suggests you should do it.

Our focus, beyond methodology and process, is currently on artificial intelligence, quantum information science and technologies as well as climate change, resources and security. We look at implications in terms of security at all levels, politics, geopolitics. We envision how this new world, still emerging, will look like in the future.

If you are not yet familiar with our in-depth analyses, have a look first at our open access (free for readers) collection of in-depth articles.

As a privileged member, access close to 500 in-depth analyses, research articles and signals available on our website.

For corporate, group/multiple memberships, contact us. We can let a corporate group leader manage your group subscriptions.

Privileged communication

Contact us directly (with your member contact form under the login item in the menu) to suggest issues or problems you would like to see addressed. Your message will have high-priority. We shall keep in mind your concerns when making our analysis (this is not of course tailor-made consulting services – see our consulting page for this).

A bit more about reports and articles …

Articles and reports help you overcome silos as we pay particular attention to address connected risks and uncertainties (one article, most of the time, addresses different issues as well as functions).

In our methodological section, you will find a unique collection worldwide of 128 articles with updates focused on the methodology and practice of strategic foresight and warning and risk management for external risk, complex national and international security uncertainties, political and geopolitical risks. The articles range from how to navigate uncertainties, anticipate surprises, to scanning and warning, through the building of scenarios. The section is built on multinational practical experience notably with intelligence and the military from the U.S. to Singapore through Europe, and scientific knowledge and understanding of geopolitics, politics, strategy and international relations.

Support research and high quality papers

We are independent and non-partisan. We promote high-quality research and papers and their publication over the world-wide-web.

Researching and writing takes time, experience, knowledge and education. Each of our papers demands many days of work and is grounded in decades of knowledge and experience, as well as in formal scientific education. The real cost of each of them, if it were priced with usual university  wage (political scientist: median wage per annum $115,110, May 2017 National Estimates – Bureau of Labor Statistics) or with hourly consulting fees for strategic management (between 200 USD for a junior analyst and 1300 USD for a partner) would be staggering for the web. Yet it must be paid, on top of rising digital costs, to say nothing of administrative and usual operational costs.

This means getting a lot of members to be able to pay for research. Each of you will only pay a very small fraction of the value of the articles yet we can continue providing you with high-value research and knowledge.

If saving the web from fake news and low quality posts matters to you, then becoming a member of the Red (Team) Analysis Society will matter to you too. You will help us continuing striving for excellency.

You can even do more, you can share our work and promote RTAS and help us getting more members.

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Become a special member of the Red (Team) Analysis Society for a year or six month and access members-only content.
As a privileged member with the yearly Platinum membership subscription, you will also access specific, research intensive work such as actors mapping and longer reports. You also benefit from a 5% discount on consulting services and products as well as on online training courses.

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