Syrian flags combined, Syria, civil war(Updated 31 July 2017, substantial update 21 February 2014) I have been promising a bibliography on the Syrian war for a while now, here it is. I shall try to update it, as possible, and as I publish new posts. New items will be identified by the date of the update at the beginning of the line, in green. The part of the bibliography on international actors and the regionalization of the war is forthcoming.


Casualties, refugees and internally displaced people, humanitarian aid

New type of analysis and collection

The Syrian Civil War, mainly domestic, battlefield

General Resources and Blogs

Must Read

Other (and Occasional)

Causes of conflict

Tim McDonnell, How Climate Change Worsened Violence in Syria, March 6, 2013, Mother Jones .

General Syrian War


NC, SJMCC or SMC, and FSA*

*The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NC), the Supreme Joint Military Command Council (SJMCC or SMC) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) – (see State of Play I)


Muslim Brotherhood


Pro Al-Assad Groups

(See State of Play I)

Salafi and Sunni Islamist

(See State of Play III)

Jihadi in Syria

(See State of Play III)


(See State of Play II)


Books, reports, posts and articles





Scenarios on the future of Syria

Some Primary Sources

International Actors, Regionalization and the Syrian War